Michel Remesy 

Trained in Physical therapy , Manual medicine osteopathy  and Sports medicine , post graduated in Posturology , working as self-employed in his clinic since 1985 in France and the United States , a session with Michel REMESY involves a combination of these practices earned during 9 years of medical studies and 35 years of continuing education called Holistic Manual Therapy .
As a Physical Therapist (license PT29622) and European Non Physician Osteopath , Michel emphasizes manual readjustments , myofascial release , muscular energy , cranio-sacral-therapy , therapeutic exercises and other physical manipulations and hands-on techniques of muscles and bones
A session with Michel  is a drug-free , non-invasive manual therapy that aims to improve your health and wellness across all body systems by manipulating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework and that focuses on the whole body