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The Holistic Manual Therapy Session 

One on one care in private rooms for all individuals 

  • Michel takes a skilled holistic whole body care approach to health,  focusing on the joints, muscles, and spine. 

  • Treatment aims to positively affect the body's nervous, visceral, circulatory, and lymphatic systems. Manual therapy means that both diagnosis and treatment are carried out with the hands.
  • My goal is to provide the best care to get you back to your active lifestyle.
  • Thanks to  34 years of experience ( as physiotherapist and osteopath degree in France, and US physical therapist - license # PT29622)  I help you relieve your pain and achieve your goals. 

  • Michel holistic approach is to find and treat the root of your problem for a faster recovery and long-lasting pain relief 

Sports Medicine

Sports rehab and injury prevention

  • I have been involved for the last 34 years in the rehabilitation of thousands of regular patients and athletes from many different sports including soccer, tennis, skiing, and more specifically, golfers at the very best level in the world.
  • I have seen how postural unbalances, physical limitations, joints mobility restrictions and incorrect physical training greatly reduces athletic performance and is usually the source of many pains and injuries
  •  I  really help athletes increase their balance and effectiveness of motion and therefore optimize their health and performance.
  • After much medical and scientific research my Kinesthesis Program was born. This program uses a systemic and holistic method which is different and much more complete than the regular orthopedic method used in most sports medicine  work.